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Canadian singer Drake has burst into a person from a concert scene in Sydney. “Page Six” shows the Canadian performing at the Marquee Nightclub in Sydney after his concert on Wednesday when he recognized a male fan that was affecting women improperly. The video on Instagram shows how rapper stopped between performance to draw attention to this person. “If it does not stop touching the girls, I’ll come there and get rid of you,” Drake says in the microphone, pointing at the finger.

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Lady Gaga with Fibromylagia, apparently her health condition is not at all stable, this message she conveys through Instagram.

The disease called Fibromylagia is a paralyzing disease that does not allow the blood to circulate naturally.

As a result of this serious illness Lady has canceled the concert in Brazil and left to the hospital with an ambulance. Immediately the singer has made a post on Instagram where a serum is shown and writes: “I’m in the hospital and I’m experiencing very strong consecutive pains. But I’m in safe hands after being treated by the best doctors. Please do not forget my love for you. “

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Photos of US First Lady Melania Trump, with a blue dress behind her body, have caused rumors that she may be pregnant.

On June 19, The Inquisitr released her $ 1695 dress from Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2017, on the occasion of visiting Panama’s White House Juan Carlos Varela and his wife, Lorena Castillo Garcia de Varela. Fustani appeared to be the catalyst that made Google searches for the “Melania Trump belly” increase to over 4000%, according to Google Trends statistics quoted by The Inquisitr. The search phrase “Is Melania Trump pregnant?” rose 1000% and “Melania Trump blue dress” rose 750%, as well as “Melania pregnant now”.

The 47 year old First Lady would not be the first famous female to have children at such an age. Singer Gwen Stefani has born at age 44, actress Susan Sarandon at 45, while actress Gina Davis has born twin at age 48, according to Parenting. But apart from the rumors of the pregnancy, searches with the words “Melania boyfriend” have been added, according to Twitter’s search engine. Online rumor voices in the marriage of the President with the First Lady are not new.

On 21 May, self described as “former Clinton personnel” Claude Taylor went to Twitter: “A medal member told me that Donald and Melania had signed letters of divorce before the election and had also reached a deal on asset allocation. Then he won. ” “This is what a well known journalist has told me,” Taylor explained in response to skeptics on Twitter, who questioned his source of information. “My source is a well known reporter. Not at the family level, but known and respected. ” Taylor’s post took 7,000 likes and about 4,000 shares.

First Lady Spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, responded to these statements as “absolutely false”. Another post that he received was that of a popular blogger who says Melania has a relationship outside of marriage: “For many years Melania is tied to Tiffany’s security chief at Trump Tower … with the knowledge of DT. They have had an agreement that if DT would lose the election, they would divorce. But then he won. So he had to renegotiate the deal. She is imprisoned in that marriage as long as he is president. This is obvious to anyone who has eyes. Melania seems miserable. That is why they do not leave New York “

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Dui Lipa makes a big fame in London, so all the London’s media have called what the Albanian singer has done.

In her latest Instagram posts, Lipa has posted some photos at her latest London concert. Yesterday evening was obviously a tremendous success, she once again proved to be an artist, a very talented singer who knows how to do it for the public.

Her songs made the audience stand up and dance with her. She performed at the “Bright Dome” theater, and the photos seem to have received maximum support from her fans.

The peak of the concert was the moment she sang her hit “New Rules”.

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It is not the first time that supermodels are part of the “wounds” between bodyguards and paparazzi. This time, though, Bella Hadid did her best.

Her staff could not be lacking either in New York’s fashion week. Following the attacks of her sister Gigi at Milano Fashion Week last year, Bella increased the number of bodyguards. But when they do not behave well with the many paparazzi that follow everywhere, Bella does not tolerate. At the end of Michael Kors’s cartoon, as he was leaving for a car waiting a few yards further, one of the bodyguards was pushing a photographer to open the way for Hadid. This hasn’t liked to the 20-year-old model and intervened immediately.

“Could you please do not touch it,” Hadid told the bodyguard, who claimed he did not push the photographer.

The beauty did not leave without making sure the photographer was fine. In the video is heard as Bella asks “Are you ok”? Then he went back to the bodyguard telling him not to touch anyone, and then left to the car it was waiting for her.

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It certainly did not miss any of her fun videos on YouTube or Vine, or her Instagram that has over 17.5 million followers or you’ve probably seen it as Playboy models long time ago. However, Amanda Cerny’s name is very popular around the world.

The 26 year old beauty has recently become quite active in helping families and victims affected by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. As a participant and founder of the GoFundMe campaign, Power Angles Puerto Rico, she and her group organized last Saturday at New York’s Times Square, a meeting where anyone who made a contribution benefited from a selfie.

Without losing the case, Grey Kadriu, one of her fans from Albania, shared with her a selfie, where the smiling Amanda greeted everyone with the eagle symbol. Among other things, of all those photos that fans shared, only this photo was posted on her Twitter account.

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She is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world and continues to be so today when she is 53 years old. If you have not understood it, we are talking about Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress who has also been a model. When she was 51, she became one of the Bond girls in one of James Bond’s Specter films. Of course one more test that its beauty is indisputable.

Today, when she’s 53, she posted a picture of her childhood on her professional Instagram site. That little girl with long black hair would soon become a famous actress and one of the most beautiful women in the world. The photo was made exactly on one of Monica’s birthdays.

“Today, a while ago,” the actress writes. “A little while ago and a lot more charm.”

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Lady Gaga’s health condition continues to be bad. I can even argue that it has taken serious proportions.This was said after the act that the singer did by canceling the concert in Rio and postponing the tour in Europe.

The cause was strong bodily pain, caused by fibromylagia. The singer was feeling bad and was brought to the hospital.

Gaga has felt an obligation to its followers and fans to give an explanation on Twitter. Among other things she has confessed that she needs time to fight the disease for which she has and has spoken in her documentary “Gaga: Give Foot Two” in Netflix.

“I’ve always been open to talking about my physical and mental challenges. For years to try to win against them. It’s complicated and difficult to explain, and we’re trying to understand, “she writes.

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Imagine how happy can be felt 22 year old Sofia Solares as she is already known on the Internet as the best cloned Selena Gomez. Even there are those commentators who think that she and Selena are twin are separated at birth. In every possible photo, pool, mirror, etc .. the girl from Mexico is bombed with comments that write that resembles the singer of “Fetish”.

Speaking to one of the televisions from her country, Selena’s clone says: I love Selena and I’m a fan of her. Of course my dream is for her to know that I exist and dedicate me a few seconds to get me a message. I would cry from the happiness, she said.

But she says she always tries to maintain her own identity and is happy about it.

“I try to be always myself. I’m okay to look like her but I do not want to lose myself trying to be someone I’m not, “concluded Sofia.

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Hurricane Maria, who struck Puerto Rican on September 20, left behind a lot of damage, starting from power cuts across the country, the destruction of roads, homes, the loss of many people’s lives, and many more have not been found yet.

One of them is the famous singer’s brother from Puerto Rico, Ricky Martin. Through a video on Instagram, he has appealed for help after seeking to find the missing brother after the hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

“I’m very worried because I can not get in touch with one of my brothers. We do not know where he is. I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are many people living outside or on the island who can not talk to their families due to communication problems, “he said.

Ricky Martin asked his 8.9 million followers to contribute to the fundraising campaign that was launched a few days ago to rebuild the island and help the victims that the hurricane destroyed.

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