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Pregnant and with another boyfriend? Here are the rumors associated with Melania Trump!

Photos of US First Lady Melania Trump, with a blue dress behind her body, have caused rumors that she may be pregnant.

On June 19, The Inquisitr released her $ 1695 dress from Michael Kors Pre-Fall 2017, on the occasion of visiting Panama’s White House Juan Carlos Varela and his wife, Lorena Castillo Garcia de Varela. Fustani appeared to be the catalyst that made Google searches for the “Melania Trump belly” increase to over 4000%, according to Google Trends statistics quoted by The Inquisitr. The search phrase “Is Melania Trump pregnant?” rose 1000% and “Melania Trump blue dress” rose 750%, as well as “Melania pregnant now”.

The 47 year old First Lady would not be the first famous female to have children at such an age. Singer Gwen Stefani has born at age 44, actress Susan Sarandon at 45, while actress Gina Davis has born twin at age 48, according to Parenting. But apart from the rumors of the pregnancy, searches with the words “Melania boyfriend” have been added, according to Twitter’s search engine. Online rumor voices in the marriage of the President with the First Lady are not new.

On 21 May, self described as “former Clinton personnel” Claude Taylor went to Twitter: “A medal member told me that Donald and Melania had signed letters of divorce before the election and had also reached a deal on asset allocation. Then he won. ” “This is what a well known journalist has told me,” Taylor explained in response to skeptics on Twitter, who questioned his source of information. “My source is a well known reporter. Not at the family level, but known and respected. ” Taylor’s post took 7,000 likes and about 4,000 shares.

First Lady Spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, responded to these statements as “absolutely false”. Another post that he received was that of a popular blogger who says Melania has a relationship outside of marriage: “For many years Melania is tied to Tiffany’s security chief at Trump Tower … with the knowledge of DT. They have had an agreement that if DT would lose the election, they would divorce. But then he won. So he had to renegotiate the deal. She is imprisoned in that marriage as long as he is president. This is obvious to anyone who has eyes. Melania seems miserable. That is why they do not leave New York “

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